Thursday, February 18, 2010

Carseat Cover

A friend makes these for all our baby showers, and I just love it! Its one of those DUH things (I guess I might just be behind since I don't shop etsy). My sister is about to have her fifth and last but its never too late right. I had to pick gender neutral colors and patterns because they are waiting to find out! Most people have short straps with velcro, but I just love the bow, so cute and keeps it from sliding around. Can't wait to see my new niece or nephew! Photobucket

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heart Sandwich

So the girls had a v-day party with lots of food, crafts and valentine exchanging. I was in charge of the adult food. But you still have to keep it fun so I made a heart shaped sandwich
How to:
You can make your bread from scratch if you like but I have never made french bread before so, I took the easy route!
I bought two Pillsbury refrigerated french loaf tubes. Turn into a heart and then simply follow their directions!


Nothing wrong with a easy peezy Valentine!

So I wanted to do something with C that she could make but, she is still only 2 1/2 so it couldn't be TOO complicated. Mom still has to do most the work. However, she mixed, and poured and put the sticks in! I opted for the chocolate melting this year! I think she ate about 1/2 a lb of chocolate when all was said and done.But of course, there is always that person who can just take it one step higher! Next year we can redo the chocolate pops but with THIS flare! So cute, thanks for the idea Julie!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Wreath

This seems to be a favorite among bloggers! So I decided to join the ranks of many who have made this project. I added one more thing to mine though that I really liked. Here it goes.


Silk pins
Heart Shape

Cute out about 100 3 in circles, (I think mine were closer to 4 I just used a mug)
Then you pin each one on after folding in half and then half again.I also like to make a few small rose bud looking ones to place around it too.Then you just pin them around... no strategy

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Twiggle Blog

My sisters site is giving this away. Go to her Twiggle Blog to see how to win!

I got this vinyl lettering free in the mail from Say Anything Expressions. This is the same place I ordered my little girls wall lettering. So in order to put it too good use I took a trip to my favorite Hobby Lobby store, coupon in hand, and bought the glass for $4, and the ribbon at the dollar spot!
I was thinking about filling it with conversation hearts or something...What do you think?