Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Signature hat

Every year I decide to give up crocheting because I don't need MORE things to do, but somehow every fall I find myself making matching hats again. It's basically the same hat EVERY TIME, only slight variations, but I love the ribbon so I can't help it. And such a cute subject too!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cupcake crazy!

If you have ever gone to buy a cute little cupcake at the store and gufawed at the price of a simple cupcake then I challange you to make cupcakes for an event. I made 200 brains for a ward party and then a week later frosted another 200 for a wedding! Very time consuming and tedious, but people go crazy for them right now. Try to appreciate the work that goes into that tiny little thing before you gobble it up complaining about the price!

Halloween this year

This year we went for the Aladdin Theme! I borrowed Aladdin's costume, I made the hat and vest for Abu, and made the Jasmine outfit and Carpet! It was fun and after Halloween there was a Radio contest for tickets to Disney on Ice. You sent in a photo of your kids dressed as disney Characters so I sent in our family pic and WE WON!!!!