Saturday, June 11, 2011

K + N Engagements

This is my new favorite couple! We'll maybe I'm not being fair because she's always been my best cousin, but they seriously are so cute together and I can't wait till their wedding. This was my first EVER photo shoot so I might overload on pictures but I am so excited!


So last Christmas Santa brought me the best gift ever.

Then this week for my birthday by husband got me the part that will change my life.

I've had this dream to get into photography for a little while. Its an expensive investment, so slow and steady. Now I'm saving for classes and a nice lens.

Now, I've learned about my camera, taught myself about Exposure, Aperture, ISO, yada yada, but you still need time and experience. But I was an idot and offered to take my cousins engagement pictures to help on cost. Little did I know that she would take me up on it and I found myself taking their pictures a week later. Luckily we now live close to a cousin who gave me a crash course in Photoshop the day before! I actually am very pleased with the results and have no probably telling everyone that I am proud of myself!

Straight from the the Camera: After my new photo shop skills: A little boulder enhancement