Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chocolate Lace Dome

This is great for making desserts fancy shmancy! Like ice cream, MY favorite, Molten Lava Cakes OR, BOTH!

What You'll Need:

Melting chocolate

Water Balloon

Piping tip (#2) and bag (or you could try it by cutting a small hole in a bag.)

First: Blow up your balloon Second: Melt your chocolate *I use almond bark or candy melts because they melt smooth and harden fast. And pour it into piping bag with tipThen pipe it onto the balloon, no rhyme or reason. I tried to do a specific pattern thinking that would be oh so beautiful..... but unless you have the most amazing skills with chocolate and a steady hand it end up looking worse than just random madness! Let harden in fridge.Pop the balloon. Pull it ut before it completely shrivel up or it could stick to the inside making it hard to pull out without breaking pieces. Then you are ready to serve! over a beautiful dessert.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leprechaun Hat Cake Balls

So I made these last year with the brownie mold, but this time I thought I could make them better with cake balls.

What you need:
Cake balls (one cake mix baked, crumbled, and mixed with a tube or home made cream cheese frosting)
Melted chocolate for candy dipping
Fondant (or green licorice)
Mini M&Ms
Fudge Striped cookies

I rolled my cake balls into the size and shape of large marshmallows. Then stuck them in the freezer while I prepared everything else.

I cut strips of green fondant. I didn't measure exactly I just did what I thought looked good on the hat. I guess about 5 inch x 3/8 inch.Melted my chocolate
Got out my M&Ms, cookies.
I found the best way to dip is to have the name brand with the holes. That way I can dip the cake ball on a stick, lightly tap off excess chocolate then bring the cookie up around the stick and pull the stick out. It keep the process easy and a lot less messy.
Then you can wrap the fondant around (when the chocolate is still wet or after its cooled, doesn't matter)
Last, use a toothpick to dab some chocolate on the M&M and stick it on!