Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog cupcake brownies

This is a great one to do with kids! I piped everything on and she placed it!

What you'll need
Cupcake or Brownie mix
Mounds, Almond Joy's, or Bounty Bar
food coloring
Mini M&M's
Brown Sprinkles

I just used a box of Brownie mix since my husband doesn't like cake. I also put chopped almonds and coconut in the bottom of each liner than poured the mix on top.
I just used a tub of cream cheese frosting to save time, died it green and added coconut to it.
Then sprinkled more 'green' coconut on the top for grass.

I stiffen my tub of frosting with more powdered sugar so its not too runny and will harden up.
I use the frosting as glue and pipe it on.
Eyes are frosting with a tiny brown sprinkle in the center
Nose is a red M&M cut in half
Cheeks, brown M&Ms
Ears, brown M&Ms cut in half.
Tooth, frosting