Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leprechaun Hat Cake Balls

So I made these last year with the brownie mold, but this time I thought I could make them better with cake balls.

What you need:
Cake balls (one cake mix baked, crumbled, and mixed with a tube or home made cream cheese frosting)
Melted chocolate for candy dipping
Fondant (or green licorice)
Mini M&Ms
Fudge Striped cookies

I rolled my cake balls into the size and shape of large marshmallows. Then stuck them in the freezer while I prepared everything else.

I cut strips of green fondant. I didn't measure exactly I just did what I thought looked good on the hat. I guess about 5 inch x 3/8 inch.Melted my chocolate
Got out my M&Ms, cookies.
I found the best way to dip is to have the name brand with the holes. That way I can dip the cake ball on a stick, lightly tap off excess chocolate then bring the cookie up around the stick and pull the stick out. It keep the process easy and a lot less messy.
Then you can wrap the fondant around (when the chocolate is still wet or after its cooled, doesn't matter)
Last, use a toothpick to dab some chocolate on the M&M and stick it on!