Monday, January 9, 2012

Paint Project!

So in October, before we moved to a new place, a friend was giving away stuff during her move and I got this piece! We have a little TV for our basement and no stand for it since our last 2 place's happened to have a pre-built-in spot for it. I had been wanting to try a new project for a while now and this free item was the perfect thing to try it on before I move on to other furniture.

The first thing I did was take a degreaser to the whole thing to remove any dirt and build up.

Then I painted it with my favorite go to paint, BEHR.  I used Pale Wheat in Satin.  The coolest part was I got to use my sisters paint gun and it made painting it go by a lot faster!  I now have decided that I need my own smaller version.

 Next, using BEHR finishing glaze and mixing it with some dark walnut stain. I brushed the glaze  over each section, like so.

Take an old cotton t-shirt and immediately wipe away.  Leave dark in the cracks and giving the whole project a worn antique look.

Before and after cabinet

Close up

Before and after:

 FINISHED!  Except that the glass broke 10min before I went to put it in.  So now I guess I have to replace that, most likely I will frost the glass too!  Maybe a future pictures is on its way.