Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Nests again.

So I posted this last year, but didn't included the recipe. Next year Im going to combine a few different recipes I found, because all though these look more like nests then some of the others out there, I feel like the flavor can be improved upon. I found a great one that uses marshmallows and butter! So stayed tuned next year!

16 - 20 oz chocolate (i used bakers semi sweet)

1 C. Peanut Butter Microwave together for 1 min. then 30 sec.repeated til melted.

About 1 box of All Bran and 1 Bag ChowMein. (I saw about because mine wasn't goopy enough this time and I used the full amounts)

Form into nests on wax paper. Put in your choice of eggs (cadbury mini's for me please) Then place in the fridge!


Suzette said...

This is so funny, I actually made these today and took pictures of them. I call them "Mom's Easter Nests" because my Mom made these every year for Easter. Hope you don't mind if I post mine as well!